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LT 20 Inclined Bed Lathe

2022-03-31 10:18:22
LT 20 Inclined Bed Lathe
Detailed introduction:

The LT series is a series of CNC machine tools with high precision, high rigidity and high cost performance. It has the characteristics of rapid traverse speed, high chip parameters, constant surface speed, etc., and each axis has a safety clutch and can choose rear or side row according to the layout of the workshop. Chip conveying device, the machine tool is assembled by a special team composed of professional and skilled technology under the guidance of expert technology.

main feature

•Servo motors all use Alpha motors

•The system adopts Japanese original FANUC FRANK, 10.4-inch LED color screen, multi-language display.

.The bed is made of No. 25 cast iron with grain size, after aging treatment, with reinforcing ribs to ensure sufficient rigidity, and the bed is designed for easy chip removal.

• Two axes adopt rigid casting hard rails, X and Z axes adopt high-precision ball screws, the rails are quenched and finely ground and plastic-coated, with reasonable spacing, automatic lubrication, and high stability.

• 20m/min rapid traverse for both axes, powered chuck or standard gripper system.

• Hydraulic tailstock, programmable, the tailstock is supported by a V-rail and a flat rail.



Technical Specifications:

ItemLT 20
CapacityBetween Centre Length670mm
Maximum machining DiaΦ370mm
Maximum Turning Length670mm(without chuck)
Standard Chuck size10"
Standard Chucking CylinderSYH-1877
CNC SysitemFanucOI-TF
Main SpindleSpindle TypeCartridge
Spindle NoseA2-8
Spindle Bore86mm
Standard bar Capacity74mm
Front Bearing Dia120mm
Std Spingle Speed50-3000rpm
PowerSpindle motor power continuous11Kw
Spindle motor powerintermittentd 5min)15Kw
Full Power Range875-2625
Spindle Motor ModelFanuc;Alpha P-22
TurretPragatiCenter high100mm
Number of Tools Max12
A/F of Turret Disc340mm
Maximum Boring Bar Dia40mm
Od Turning Tool Size25 x 25mm
 Axis AccuracyPositioning for X、Z Axes as Per ISO± 0.005mm
Repeatability for X、Z Axes as Per ISO± 0.003mm
X-AxisAxes Motor ModelFanuc;Alpha C-12
X-Axis Guide waysHardenedstrip
X-Axis Stroke195mm
X-Axis Rapid Rate20m / min
X-Ball Screw Dianndpitch32 x 10mm
X-Motor Torque12Nm

Technical Specifications:

 ItemLT 20
Z-AxisAxes Motor ModelFanucjAlpha C-12
Z-Asis GuidewaysHardenedstrip 
Z-Axis Stroke670 mm
Z-Axis Rapid Rate20m / min
Z-Ball Screw Dianndpitch40 x 10mm
Z-Motor Torque12Nm
TailatockTailstock Quill Travel120mm
Tailstock Base Travel425mm
Tailstock Thrust (Max)500@20Bar
Tailstock Quill Dia80mm
Quill TaperMT-4
Tailstock Centre TypeAdd On
MiscCoolant Tank Capacity160L
System Pressure (Max)30kg / cm²
Hydraulic Pump Capacity14 L/min
Power Pack Tank Capacity45L
Overall Machine Dimension3433 x1684 x1720mm
Overall Machine Weight5000kg

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