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What does the programming of the three-line machining center mainly do?

2021-12-25 11:43:04

Traditional machining uses the manual operation of ordinary machine tools. When machining, the machine is shaken by hand to cut metal, and calipers and other things are used to measure the accuracy of goods. Modern industry has long worked with computer-controlled machine tools, and CNC machining center machine tools can directly perform CNC machining on any commodity and component according to programs prepared in advance by skilled employees. This is equivalent to what we call "CNC machining". CNC machining centers are widely used in various mechanical processing, and are also the development trend and important and necessary skills of mold processing.


What are digital manipulation skills? Digital manipulation skills, referred to as CNC. This is a method of using digital information to control machine tool movement and machining. Machine tools that use numerical control technology for process control, or machine tools equipped with numerical control systems, are called CNC machining center machine tools. The numerical control system includes: numerical control equipment, programmable controller, spindle drive and feeding equipment, etc. The numerical control machine tool is a highly integrated product of machinery, electricity, hydraulics, gas and light. In order to control the machine tool, it is necessary to describe the relative motion between the tool and the workpiece with geometric information, and describe some necessary technical parameters of CNC machining with skill information. For example: feed rate, spindle speed, spindle forward rotation, tool change, coolant switch, etc. According to a certain mode, this information forms a processing file (normal CNC processing program) and is stored on the information carrier (such as disk, punched paper tape, magnetic tape, etc.), and then is read by the CNC system on the machine tool (or by the CNC system). The modern CNC machining center machine tool is a typical product of mechatronics, and it is the basis of a new generation of production skills, computer integrated manufacturing systems and other skills.

CNC machining centers should pay attention to some precautions in the operation process to avoid unnecessary troubles in the work. Therefore, some important considerations cannot be ignored.

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